Those who have lived before us would always say to the young “Life is a drama.” A story that starts when we were born and ends when we die. A story we all write either consciously or unconsciously. A story that is different for everyone. The only thing that seems constant is birth and death.

I was born with little chance of surviving. Seeing a new day was never anything less than a miracle for me. I was born completely blue. I was short of breath, and I had to survive on an artificial breath. Innocent with no sin, yet I had to start with pains and struggles to survive. I was nicknamed Neelu (this means blue color in my native language).

I didn’t know how I won this fight, but one thing I was sure of was that I wasn’t alone—my parents were always there to help. The beauty of being a child is that you do not think twice before asking help. For a child, seeking help is a primal instinct. So for every time I cried, every time I expressed discomfort, I was calling for my parents, and they never failed to respond. And for me, this was the reason I survived.

Yet in my 20’s I stopped communicating.

First steps, first time, and icebreakers have always been a challenge for me as I was always afraid of taking the first plunge at something.

So, I was always afraid of taking the first step, and this was simply because of the fear of failure. I would have thought to try out something, but along with that thought, would come the fear of venturing into the unknown. This would eventually lead to a battle between my thoughts and fears. In my case, fear always won.

Most of my life was spent on autopilot. I had a job, got married, had kids and was going through the usual day to day monotonous routine, with no purpose and no specific direction. It was kind of like driving on the road without a GPS and not knowing where to go. Living in fear is worse than anything else as it keeps you from enjoying anything, blocks your creativity and dampens your ability to take action.

Taking the first step was always hard for me because I was avoiding problems, but problems are meant to be solved, not avoided. Somehow I knew I wanted more, but when the thought came up, the fear of venturing into the unknown would resurface, and then the thought would make a hasty retreat.

For a long time I never consulted anyone and chose to solve my problems on my own, but I always felt alone in my struggle. This went on until I came to realize that I was actually not alone, and it was my closed up mind making me feel this way. I came to see that I was just not taking the first step to finding out the solution to my problem. When I made this realization, I began to notice that there were people around me; my family, friends, teachers, mentors, and leaders who I could approach to seek help and direction. There was help all around me after all. This began an awakening in my mind and in 2015, I decided it was time to take the plunge.


My Passion

I consciously decided to stop living a life without purpose and direction. I wasn’t sure where I was going, but I knew I was going to get there if I made an effort. I watched thousands of videos of successful people, went through their interviews, and devoured many empowering books. This was when I began to work on myself and my mindset.

If there is one thing people living their best lives will tell you, it is that mindset is everything. If you aim to achieve more, live a more healthy lifestyle, or to be successful in any endeavor of your choosing, It will not be your talent or connections that will help you achieve it. It will be establishing the right mindset.

The right mindset is the kind that refuses to back down in the face of adversity while the wrong one gives up when conditions turn out to be unfavorable. It is wracked with fear and uncertainty. It is sad to say, but a majority of us are living with the wrong mindset.

The mind is such a powerful tool that it processes many of our thoughts before we even realize we made them and makes decisions based on how it has been programmed. It is programmed from our personal experiences, experiences from others and everything we pick up as we get older. These experiences set the parameters by which the mind works and will make decisions based on what it feels we will be comfortable with.

Fear and uncertainty which I always felt, were as a result of the mind trying to protect me. This is the same thing that happens to many of us. Something unfamiliar is interpreted as being risky and dangerous, and your mind will protect you from it.

Relying on this unconscious programming means the mind just manages to carry us through life, making the decisions that protect and keep us safe. The problem about being safe is that one only gets safe results. You might want more, but instead, you go with the safe and easy life on autopilot. The wrong mindset will eagerly give into fear and back away, while the right one will consciously take the plunge into uncertainty. If setback and failure occur along the way, the right mindset consciously learns from the experience, growing and reprogramming itself to do better until it gets you what it has been programmed it to achieve; which could be success, abundance and living one’s best life.


My Goals

Every year there are close to fifty thousand suicide attempts in the USA alone, and I am on a mission to spread a message that it does not matter where you are right now, it is never too late to reach where you want to reach and in this journey, you are not alone.

I aim to let everyone learn about winning mindset, and I am one of the best person to share this as I have personal experience spanning over twenty years struggling with the wrong mindset. There was a time when we had to sell our house, entire gold jewelry that my wife had. I still remember where we had thoughts of withdrawing our son from an international school, which may have impacted his studies and environment. But now, we have gained everything back. In this book, I do not write theoretical explanations, but from personal experiences and what I have learned since I took the step to take control of my mindset consciously. I share my experience and learning so that we all can learn from each other’s mistakes and cut down the learning curve.

Nothing changed in my life until my heart was regenerated, and I began having a new thought and different approach to life. I realized that I was not alone, but I made myself to stand alone because I refused to realize I have my friends, teachers, mentors, and leaders to show me the way. This discovery led me to start working on myself. I decided I can’t continue in life without a purpose. I took my time to watch videos, read books, and go through counseling to become better.

It took 25 wasted years before I could overcome my greatest enemy, which was fear. I became a completely new person at the age of 44. I allowed my fear of consequences, failure, public opinion to hinder my success for too long.

It took so long before I knew I had lots of potentials hidden inside of me and that I could be part of those who can save people from drowning in ignorance. Nevertheless, I have learned that it is never too late as long as you are still breathing. I found a new purpose for existing and that is spreading the news of a winning mindset.

I found purpose, I have found a reason for existing and now I am out to help people learn not to give up but to remain strong and do things the right way because that is the only true way to success. Recent Survey has it that suicide rate is increasing every day all over the world because people are doing things the wrong way due to their wrong mindset and approach towards life.

I want to help parents understand the importance of the word “I love you” and how it can keep the mind of their kids at rest. I want to help them know how they can improve their lives by showing them they are not alone.

One of the potentials I got to realize was my ability to overcome fear through public coaching. I became a public speaker, and my life has never remained the same. The same man who felt all alone in this world has published more than a book. Scarcity to Abundance is one of it.

Loneliness kills faster than a bullet. Get a winning mindset to get freedom from pain. Unlock your potentials. The world is yours to take.

My Book

Scarcity to Abundance "Through A Winning Mindset"

“Do you feel trapped in your circumstances and are unsure if you can change them? Do you feel beaten down by your past experiences and find yourself repeating the same mistakes over and over? Do you fear that you will never realize your dreams because you’re not one of the talented and fortunate few who are able to make their dreams happen? Are you convinced that victory in your career, finances and relationships are beyond your reach?

You’re not alone! I will take you step-by-step through his proven program to achieve abundance by adopting a winning mindset. You can change your life, have success in your career and relationships, and escape the prison of self-doubt and fear through adopting a winning mindset!”