You are in charge of the direction your life takes, and you have a responsibility to steer it in a direction
that leads to your fulfillment and well-being


Quitting is not an you have any other option?

Those who have lived before us would always say to the young “Life is a drama.” A story that starts when we were born and ends when we die. A story we all write either consciously or unconsciously. A story that is different for everyone. The only thing that seems constant is birth and death.


Ariel Ghinga

Public Speaking Coach

Akhilesh is an accomplished Speaker and Author. In this book, he reminds us that all great success begins and grows in the mind. The storytelling and analogies are quite memorable. This is an easy read which is welcomed in our current age of digital dementia. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who is stuck in the "paralysis of analysis". Let Akhilesh guide you with simple and practical tools that will help you harness the winning mindset!

Arun Jain

Finance Professional

This is an must read book one should have in their library. Thanks to author Akhilesh Parashar for putting together such motivated thoughts together.

Rajiv Thekkumpurath

Social Media and Data Analytics Expert

I have witnessed transformation in my team after Akhilesh Parashar met them. Handling stress, self-motivation, and positive outlook towards situations are the key elements that have taken my team from fear to freedom. Akhilesh is truly an inspiration and I would want my team members to benefit from his wisdom.

Muthu Arumugham

Corporate Professional

Akhilesh did a great job on drawing examples from his real life experience to show how to to lead a fulfilled life by adopting a winning mindset.

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